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This site is NOW "republished" after a 4-year (plus) hiatus...

Sadly the other site (sister site) was lost from the internet

I still have hard copies, and I might put them out there again.

But, for the time being, the key Proclamation part

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One day it may evidently resonate.  If so, I hope to still be alive....

when that one day comes around.


 Peace be with you!

This is a site for supplemental conversation regarding it's sister site:

The days of this site are numbered just like the days of all of us.
If I can, I will renew.  I hope you appreciate your time here.
Note:  The text below is from the original "" website. That site had numerous pages, but only the Proclamation itself is below and the formatting is not what it used to be.  I'm sorry that the other parts were "lost" on some server that was taken down, but such is the whim of the internet.  Just today (112216) I've decided to see if I can improve the formatting.
Let me know (I hope you can find me - it should be easy) if you have any comments.  Ken.

Two Trees of Peace - Virtue & Liberty
This proclamation was originally published at on: 10/2/07 (1027)
(Note:  I have renewed my registration until April next year - nobody picked this domain up when it was availalbe, so I renewed - May 20, 2017 - signed:  Ken Hausle, aka, "Buffalo Ken").
I also think I have work to do to improve this proclamation and I'll be on that.  Suggestions are welcome. 
Confederacy (as defined by Websters 7th New Collegiate):  A league or compact for mutual support or common action: ALLIANCE.
Please note the following:
  • This proclamation of independence envisions a future of equality and dignity for all individuals.
  • It envisions a future of Mutual Aid within local communities.
  • It envisions a future of People choosing to work together collectively for the benefit of all.
  • It envisions a future of Peace and Harmony.
This future can be achieved without violence if People choose to make it so.
(Note: Contextual definitions of key concepts in Proclamation are presented at end of text)
People's Proclamation of Independence
For the sake of humanity's future sustainability, it is essential to learn. Today, in 2007,
we are witness to decadent world-wide institutions and organizations prolonging
continued disarray for "the commons" against the desires of People everywhere.
People everywhere desire Peace and harmony, and this is a Proclamation of
Independence from those institutions and organizations that perpetuate and prolong
ongoing suffering of innocence.
This Proclamation extols the virtues of: local commerce and governance as well
as individual liberty for the good of all. This Proclamation calls for a Confederacy of
States committed to a peaceful and better future for ALL People. The following forms
the basis of the Confederacy:
1. Institutions and organizations are to be directly accountable to and in the interest of
the People. Institutions and organizations that exert large-scale authority over many
local areas are to be identified. Institutions and organizations premised
upon domination or that perform acts of domination are to be dismantled and
discontinued in an orderly and systematic fashion during a "Time of Transition". The
principles and intent of all on-going institutions and organizations ought be published
periodically and these publications ought be free for all.
Note: What defines an "institution" or an "organization" ought be self-evident. They
include current government entities, corporations, and "highly organized" groupings
that are "not alive" but nonetheless exert large-scale influence over the lives of many.
2. Liberty for individuals is understood to be freedom of expression in all "nonphysical"
ways and most other ways and freedom of action (within bounds) in most
situations when responding to an attempt at interaction from another ("when someone
wants you to make a choice"). Where there is physical interaction amongst individuals
in a common place, restrictions on liberty may be necessary.
3. "Generally agreed upon principles" to guide behavior ought be established for each
community and revisited and adjusted as necessary. Any restrictions that are
proposed are only to be considered if a majority of the commons agree. In situations
where an agreement has been reached to consider a restriction, then the individuals
who proposed the restriction must respond to any questions from others. The amount
of time and effort in consideration should be proportional to the restriction's scale.
4. The primary purpose of all governing entites is to facilitate education and collective
learning for the commons. As vested by the commons, governing entities may also be
responsible for: health services, transportation services, auditing services, general
public safety-related considerations, etc.
5. It is in the interest of local communities that all members of the community have the
basic needs of shelter and daily sustenance sufficiently met, so that in times of bounty
these needs are of no concern. Adequete supplies should be stored in reserve to
prepare for times of shortage. During times of shortage the reserves are to be
distributed per procedures as developed by each local community. Development of
these procedures should be one of the first tasks taken up by any community. If a
community has a surplus of daily sustenance materials (food, clothing, medicines, etc.),
mechanisms for trading this surplus with other nearby communities should be
established and agreed upon.
6. Any transportation within a community is to be "owned" by members of the
community and any benefits associated with this tranportation are to be shared equally.
7. Media entities associated with communication amongst members of the community
are to be permitted by the community. A permit can be rescinded if the media entity is
no longer in the interest of the community. A primary purpose of media entities is to
report on "scale" accurately, and if there is a general consensus that a media entity has
failed in this, then the media entity should be placed on probation and the permit
adjusted (or possibly rescinded) as necessary.
8. Enforcement of restrictions is to be done by members of the community all of
whom take turns with this responsibility. Enforcement should be diffuse so as to
discourage concentration of any enforcement authority in the hands of a few. If there
are individuals who work full time on enforcement, these individuals should be
representative of the community to the greatest extent possible, and these individuals
should engage in face-to-face interaction with members of the community in both
"good-standing" and "bad-standing" on a daily basis.
9. Defense of the community is to be the minimum necessary.
10. All States that are in the Confederacy need to first and foremost make a Pledge of
Peace towards each other as well as towards others who are not members of the
Confederacy. By virtue of Peace the Confederacy can strive towards a sustainable
future for humanity. Discoveries of the Confederacy should be made available for "the
global commons". New members to the Confederacy should be readily accepted.
Note: Failure to behave consistently with the Confederacy Principles is grounds for
dismissal through an established process that includes a fair and open hearing. It is up
to members of the commons to be indignant in assuring that this occurs as necessary.
Contextual definitions:
domination - an attempt to take away the choice of many for the gain of a few resulting
in suffering of innocence.
local - space or land with accepted (but not necessarily exactly defined) boundaries and
shared areas where "with non-negligible likelihood" any member of the population
could interact with any other member of the population on any given "day" (one
rotation). Note: for the purpose of this proclamation, populations/lands have the
following gradation: Home, Neighborhood, Town/City, Region, State, etc.
People - Any group of individuals bound together by virtue of common interests. Any
individual can belong to many groupings of People.
"the commons" - All People in a given community. "the commons" extends out
globally so that ALL individuals on planet earth could be characterized as part of "the
global commons".
"non-physical" - A situation when one's actions during a set timeframe are fairly
considered beyond the normal realm of "other's" sensory means. Consideration must
also be given to "the nature" of the supposed "sensory offense" if one is claimed by
another. This is preferably done by a jury of peers.
For example: Conversation on the internet is "non-physical".
restriction - A law that limits liberty.
scale - A function of "impact". Impact can be a combination of many factors including:
numbers affected as well as duration and magnitude of associated effects.
Defining effects when assessing impact as well as the overall "size" of scale
(large or small) requires awareness of the "commonweal" (general welfare for all
members of the commons).
governing - Activities of individuals and other organizational bodies whose authority
is vested by all members of the community. All members of governing entites should
publically profess allegiance to the Confederacy and its principles and behave
accordingly in their day-to-day governing activities.

collective learning - all efforts towards improving the day-to-day lives of the global
commons, both individually and collectively, with "an understood recognition" that you
can't have one without the other.
communities - groups of individuals bound together by virtue of common space. They
share the desire to maintain the space as a forum for interaction for the good of all the
members - all individuals in the community. Note: The community commons will
always tend to include individuals who are not able to "represent" themselves but who
merit full consideration (such as babies).
The text below, is not part of the proclamation, but rather a running blog that was posted as the proclamation was being developed.
Thursday, December 6, 2007
My indignancy...
I live in the United States and i have been and have felt most indignant for some time now. Me and a
whole bunch of other folks as well as People from all over the planet.....small, big, red, black, brown,
yellow, white, blue, green, and indigo. All of US. All of US who simply want Peace. I am not going to
be a "vigilanti", but i am indignant and this Proclamation stems from said indignancy. There is a
better way...many better ways.
Indignancy does not settle or go away until there is justice. Until there is justice, indignancy amongst
the People will grow exponentially --- like a tsunami. This tsunami of retributive indignancy will
be unleashed in a directed manner upon specific individuals who are responsible for the ongoing
large-scale suffering of innocence. Don't you think? You know who you stop pretending.
Learn or die. The babies - both born and yet to be - are innocent, and innocence must be defended.
There is no escaping Karma.
If you are interested, i encourage you to check out the link below and also let me say again, i proclaim
no harmful intent, but "business as usual" has got to stop. We must reclaim our better humanity both
individually and collectively. If we cannot, then our fate is sealed.
(112216 - edit:  The referenced site just above is no longer available (I got it somewhere though).  Here is an alternative: (that ought to be a direct link, but you may need to cut & past to get there...just a friendly the way, I can't deny I am having a hell of a time today~in a good way~ re-reading this stuff I came up, it just makes me laugh and feel good to an extent and also think a bit and possibly get just a bit m.....wait, let me say it this way ----- just get a bit indignant.  By the way, if you want to learn about bits and such, I suggest you check out that other site....really!) 

Lastly, let me say that i think my days of posting are coming to a close. In 2008, i will be starting up a
new business and i'm pretty sure that is going to take most of my time. I'm ready for a change.
Peace from to me to you and from my family to your family. Peace.
In All Humility,

Ken Hausle
Charlotte, NC
10:42 am est
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
A declaration:
I declare:
I am Indignant.
This is not a game and lives are at stake. Lets get serious shall we.
1:04 pm est
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Well - i made a big change today in the text. I think it was a peaceful change. A better idea, but if
others disagree -- just let me know. You have my e-mail address plus i'm sure you can find out more
if you want. Just remember i proclaim no harmful intent.
11:47 am est
Saturday, November 3, 2007
changed the picture
I changed the home page picture today. I expect that i will do that periodically. But, on this site i'm
going to try to keep the total number of pictures to a minimum.
Well, back to my "lurking" self. You know how to reach me if you have any feedback. Or if you
don't (know how to reach me), my e-mail address is around here somewhere.
(Addendum): Hm. I decided to change the picture back.
Ken Hausle
Charlotte, NC
11/3/07 a fine day....
2:43 pm edt
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Well, here i am. October 23, 2007 8:30 am. Where does it go from here and now??? I have some
thoughts and ideas about this, but that is all i have. It is not the same as "reality". Future reality can
never be known for sure although i can affect my own future reality more than i can affect that of
others. This just makes sense -- don't you think. Plus, i have a fairly strong sense about where i want
things to, i'm going to do my best to get there.
By the way, i suppose if i still recieve no direct & respectful feedback i'll just proceed through and try
to finish this Proclamation of Independance on my own. It is a worthwhile effort for me and perhaps
some will find value in it. I think though it is going to take me awhile before i consider this "complete".
Regardless, the key concepts are already out there so now it is just a matter of fine tuning.
Peace is what we need. Don't we all know this? So why is it not happening more quickly. Why does
there have to be so much foolish posturing. The time for posturing is over. Don't you know that time
is of the essence???? The "buffers" can only buffer so much before they are overwhelmed by apathy
from the majority. Plus there is way too much going on behind the scenes. Pretty soon - in fact
maybe already those who think they are "behind the scenes" will discover otherwise. Come on back
and join the rest of humanity. Frank discussion needs to be out in the open for all to recognize.
Direct and Honest.
Come on PEOPLE. Especially the sleeping ones in the oh so young United States of ?????. Please,
wake up. Wake up NOW.
8:39 am edt
I expect this site will evolve - its "life as an idea" may be short or long, but regardless, it will add to the
"universe" of ideas....the "imaginary" universe. If you are interested in some of my other sites click on
the KJH-ES link below. Peace, Ken.
This is a Start * Any Street * Anytown * US * 01234
this is the end of a very long section edited today 112216.....bout 9 years and one month and a few weeks from the actual proclamation orignal posting.

So, there are some folks in the world who consider themselves - members of the "elite few".  They have so much and they think they deserve this.  Likewise and further, they think those who have so little deserve their suffering fate.  This is delusional and demented thinking of the worst sort if you want my opinion, yet this distorted individual thought process has been around for so long amongst members of the "human species" - particularly those who were born into and/or lucked into privilege (you know the "eye of the needlers").  I consider it the mark of a weak and hateful mind with no compassion for life.   It is selfish, self-centered, hateful, harmful, and goes against the laws of nature that we ought be able to recognize in both small-scale ways and beyond.  Nature favors cooperation for it leads to splendid optimization, and humanity ought be smart enough to recognize this - individually and collectively.  Otherwise, seems to me we are nothing but a killer species whose time has come.  Sorry (sort of) to be so blatant about it, but just today (51010) these self-considered elite few continue to raise the stakes (fiscally and in other ways), and this is a warning to these specific individuals that your days are numbered.   Plus, I have a simple probing question:  Are you self-annointed elite few unable to learn?  If so, I must say, I suspect you are already dying as I type this - in fact, you may already be dead.  For if you refuse to learn, then you might as well be dead.  What good are you if you have nothing left to learn?  What do you have to offer for others besides your own self-fulfilling dogma?  These are fair questions from someone who tries to learn each and every moment of each and every day.

These elite few who ascribe to this thought process like to imagine ideas that justify (rationalize) in their mind their own supposed superiority.  Take "John Calvin" for instance - he had the audacity to perpetuate the concept of "predestiny" -  ( )  as if a mere human could know "Gods" mind.  Can anyone know "Gods mind" - apparently Calvin thought so.  How convenient this thought process must be for those few who already have so much.  Heartless is what this makes them in MY mind, because what it seems to be, really, is a convenient excuse to treat others with disdain because "it was meant to be that way in the first place".  Thus, this makes it so easy for "them" to overlook the suffering of others and is a most dangerous self-fulfilling way of thinking.  One that leads to outright mayhem.    

Here is what I think - if you think you are a member of the elite few (I know I sure enough ain't), and you think this puts you above all others who have so much less, and you think this is the natural order of "things", then you are fixing to get some personal and directed comuppance.  You know - discrete and selective justified retribution.  Because, lets be honest for a moment:  (1) Did the Creator not create us all?  (2) Do you think any Creator relishes in the suffering of that which was created?  (3) Do you think your supposed superiority permits you to cause so much harm to all life?  Did the Creator not create all life?  Please, get over yourselves you sick and twisted self-annointed psychopaths, or I suspect you are gonna get to sense personal, up-close, and final justified retribution.  Any creator who abides ongoing and relentless suffering of that which was created for the benefit of a "few", is no creator of mine, but rather a fabrication created in the imagination of sick minds whose days are coming to a final and discriminate END.  Myself, I care about all People (All People), and furthermore, I proclaim no harmful intent.  What about you?

Not so long ago, making things we needed to get through the day entailed much hard work and often help from the neighbors during certain times of the year.  Nowadays, at least here in the gool ole US of A, so much is so readily available, but I'm not so sure this is a good thing.  It seems we take too much for granted and I think so many have become so disconnected.  Plus, we don't make nearly as much here as we used to - we let the "ants" elsewhere make it, and we act like a bunch of grasshoppers who are unaware of the winter's coming.  Frankly, I'd rather be an ant than a grasshopper.  I make wine and beer from the basic ingredients and I have a veggie garden and I enjoy these things, but sadly, I can't really "make a living" of this.  At least here in the good ole US of A living on a 0.5 acre plot of suburban land in the year of 2010. 

At one time I thought that if we could go back in time (which we can't except perhaps in imagination), that a decent time to go back to would have been ~1830.  Just before the railroads got going in earnest.  Just before all of the fighting in Tejas.  Just before the Native People's "got the boot" would have been best.  See I don't think the railroads should have been the enterprise of a "few" who inevitably turned into "Robber Barons" (sort of like todays bankers).  Nor do I think what went down in Tejas was all that fair.  And, lastly, but I suspect most importantly, I don't think the "Native People's" should have been removed from their homelands, for this was not the act of an enlightened nation.  Some in Congress shared this view for the debate was acrimonious, but Andrew Jackson (supposed "Man of the People") went along with those who favored relocation, and the rest is history.  Pillaging, plundering, enslaving, and relocating are paths of least resistance, but they create serious and long-lived negative Karma, and Karma always circles around for the sake of balance.  Recognition that mistakes were made and genuine striving to do better can I suspect influence how "Karma" plays out, but this is just my supposition premised I reckon on the need for hope.  I think what really makes the difference is whether or not there has been any "genuine learning" based upon honest retrospection.  If not, then Karma teaches hard lessons that need to be taught.  Seems this way to me.  Also seems obvious to me that the "Karmic lessons" of today have reached an unprecedented level - epic you could say.  Epic in the extreme.  Life and Death in the balance for just about all of us.  Big-time.  You know - a precipice.  A possible cliff for lemmings or a possible rock wall to be climbed for the sake of enlightenment.  Do or die time - one for all and all for one. 

Well, enough of this "deep talk", because some lessons cannot be readily taught.  As Anthony Hope said:  "Understanding is a great experience in itself, but it does not come through instruction".  Making maple syrup on the other hand can be learned through instruction, and so below is an old-fashioned recipe. 

Maple syrup and honey come to think of it...
are good for the soul!

The top picture above was taken awhile ago because one of the birds (the one higher up) is now dead. (Edit 112216 - had to delete that picture becuase my space is very limited here....but it was two birds we used to have living in our house...)

Peak-a-boo was this birds name.  The other bird is named Frosty and we still have her.  She is very annoying sometimes (screech, screech, screech), but she is still part of our home and we love her for this reason.  In fact, just a few weeks ago Frosty first "dropped" an egg, then she layed one or two I think.  Unfertilized unfortuantely because our other bird, "Lacy", is just way to big for Frosty.  Peak-a-boo wasn't, but he is dead.  He got "plucked" - literally.  I saw it first-hand and I made a poem about that experience.  I'll tell you this, when I first saw Peak-a-boo, I literally slumped to the floor, but I held myself together despite the fact that I knew Peak-a-boo was gonna die.

But afterwards, I performed a ceremony in Peak-a-boo's honor, and I will never forget that bird.  Never.

which ain't much!
The question that had been here dealt with the delicate topic of "emotion", maybe the question was just too emotional for my wife, and being that I live with her, I deferred.  But to elaborate, the question had to do with whether I could be a "killer" or not, and I will gladly tell you the answer now - if you come to my home uninvited and if you come uninvited and with bad intent, then you may die.  That is a fact.  I may be the one who kills you or some other entity may do the deed, but no matter, if you come uninvited with bad intent, then what do you expect?  Some law is inviolate.  Please, this is not complicated and I encourage you to get a grip and better yet - use both of your hands when you do it!  I ain't no fool. If you really want to see the original text, then send me a note - hell, they can fly planes over your home and focus in upon you, so you must know that my address is all over the place. So easy to find, but not so easy to pin down.  Not any more, and if you doubt that, then please, come talk to me face-to-face, but I'd just assume you not to be honest.
The Peoples Proclamation (this site's sister) is a collaborative effort in a way and I could not ever begin to place all the thanks that are due. 
So I won't try to do this, but I will say if you know the kind of individual that I am, then you will know that you are in my heart!
Peace - from my family to yours and from me to you!

OK, this is gonna seem weird or kooky or quirky or what you will, but this is what I think.

I think that I am in love with so many things.  But just because I have this love doesn't mean others share the sentiment.  So this is obvious and this is also why I like the neighborhood that I live just today, I was walking Abby-Mia, and she as usual was being a tad difficult, but she does this on purpose to keep me on my toes, and I like it.  So anyhow, we were walking and having some good neighborhood fun and we saw a nice nieghbor drive by, and this was pleasant to both Abby and me.  Then we sat on some benches (or was that it was after after all), and Abby got uncomfortable during these moments, but should I expect otherwise? - I didn't because I know my dog Abby-Mia, and she knows me as well.  There is beauty in this sort of thing and if you can't sense it, then there is not much more I can say for your benefit.  If you can, then please listen to me.....I have more to say, and I plan on talking with you.  Personally.  Face to face.

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The 2nd Story - Mejico

Chronicle of America: 1828 - 1840

The Momentous Decisions that were made.....

The Year: 1829

The Book: "Chronicle of America"

Article: "Sam Houston plans liberation of Texas"

Story..."the former Tennessee Governor is said to have designs on the

Mexican province of Texas" (I prefer "Tejas")


My Response: Hm. Old Sam Houston is sure enough up to something. Ya

know having "designs n-such". Me used to think this was sort of the

beginning of the "texas Way", but now I'm not so sure. This way may have

started somewhere else......but we can't deny right now we lookin at the

texas W in the currently "non white house" located in the made-up city of


Anyhow, the article references something that happened in 1835, so I'll

check that out next. OK, I've checked the 35 article. Had something to do

about this fella named sam houston who had been designated military

leader !!! You don't say !!!!


So there was a "war" and then "tejas" became "texas". Just another war in a

long string of wars that have been going on for the last 4000 years or (1 of 5)5/2/2008 4:43:08 AM


so. Usually started by men "with designs n-such" who often don't do the

actual fighting or have to suffer through the real-world consequences such

as starvation, disease, destruction, random death and mayhem, and overall

heart-break. Nope - these "heroes in their own minds" start the wars and

like to think about all the glory, but they often don't participate in the

suffering. I don't think they know. I don't think they really care about

others. I think it has got to stop, but if it doesn't, then other forces will put an

end to a species called humanity that no longer is in the interest of life as a

whole. Seems that way to me.

I've had it with all of these inhumane psycopaths who think they pull the

strings and who have no empathy for others who suffer so from the

predictable consequences. We can do better - can't we? We should know

by now shouldn't we?

Humanity's days are numbered (and the number is mighty small) if we don't

start changing our ways. Don't you think?

a-Ha- Ho-Hoa-Hos-Hous House -

Viva Mejico !!!!

add on Note sure about this "add on" thing. Right now thinking I don't like it.